Intersection Of ‘Sports Science’ And Active Lifestyle Is Christian Fletcher Atlanta’s Objective

christian fletcher atlanta

At the intersection of so-called “sports science” and passionate fandom are folks who train just as hard as the professional athletes they admire. They don’t lead this lifestyle because they’re trying to make the team or impress anyone; they simply know the value of healthy eating and you can count Christian Fletcher Atlanta as one of these individuals. He’s accomplished his goal of being a healthy adult with an active lifestyle and penchant for at-home cooking by following in the footsteps of the athletes on the baseball diamond – specifically the Atlanta Braves.

What defines “healthy eating” and how can someone looking to lead an active lifestyle change the way they prepare meals at home and order dishes when out to eat? According to Christian Fletcher Atlanta, a meal that’s equal parts fruits, vegetables, grains and protein is a good baseline. By getting the essential vitamins and nutrients required for daily living and well-being, you’ll also feel more energized from cutting out chemical additives and fillers. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), those who are on-the-go can get the boost they need by bringing along a half-ounce of nuts. This breaks down to 12 almonds, 24 pistachios and 7 walnut halves, per the USDA. Through smart snacking, you’re also less likely to order unhealthy meals when out with family and friends at a restaurant. Since Christian Fletcher Atlanta is a chef who’s enthusiastic about smart meal prep, the above tips can help you get your diet back on track.

How did Christian Fletcher Atlanta decide to start living this way? Truth be told, it all stems from his love of the Atlanta Braves. With spring training for professional baseballs players now on the near horizon, he has decided to get back in shape right alongside these athletes who’ll be preparing for the 2018 Major League Baseball season. According to, a Braves-centric news outlet, “Spring Training may not sort out much on the Atlanta Braves 2018 roster, but it will probably go a long way towards providing some clarity about which guys will head to Atlanta when the Grapefruit League ends.” This is just scratching the surface of Christian Fletcher Atlanta’s healthy living regimen that’s backed by his skills as a chef and desire to live an active lifestyle. For those who’d like to learn more about Christian Fletcher Atlanta – or even learn a few tricks of his trade – we encourage you to continue checking this space often for additional updates.